I am a London based director, cinematographer and shooting PD
working in TV and commercials.

I have worked with all the major UK broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, C4, Channel 5 and Sky, as well as brands such as Aston Martin, Vogue, Carnival and Honda.

I am currently working on Britain's Got Talent, directing and shooting the openers and live show VT's.

When I am not on shoots I spend many hours researching new film equipment to ensure that I am working with and advising clients on the best possible kit for their projects. This is reflected in the equipment I own, which I have carefully selected to provide me with a multitude of creative options.

One of my specialisms is as a gimbal operator. I own a Movi Pro and have used it extensively on a wide range of shoots, from high pressure live events and TV, to commercials and documentaries.  

I am also a proficient editor, working in Premiere CC, I have good experience in high pressure edits and often perform same day edits for clients.

I feel very lucky and privileged to have a job that I also enjoy doing in my spare time. Filmmaking is my passion and I bring my dedication and energy to every project I work on, striving to achieve the best I can every time.

Please feel free to contact me at casey@caseyantwis.com.

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